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City of Winner has one cemetery, located on North Main Street. For more info on rules and regulations, contact the City office (605) 842-2606.

Cemetery Maintenance Policy Of The City Of Winner

The City of Winner Cemetery maintenance employees will fill, sod and/or seed, water, mow and provide for the general maintenance of each and every grave site within the area known as the Winner City Cemetery.
Individuals may care for the site of an immediate family member’s grave only.  This is limited to mowing and many not interfere with the maintenance crew and the performance of their duties.  No one is allowed within the cemetery from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily.

Permanent grave markers, memorials, headstones and/or footstones may be placed on each grave site by qualified monument companies, provided placement is accomplished as directed in compliance with existing city ordinances and under the supervision of cemetery personnel.

Maintenance of those markers, etc., shall be the financial responsibility of surviving family members.  If maintenance is required, as determined by city authorities, the city shall have the right to hire monument companies or use city personnel to restore such markers, etc., to an upright or ground level position, whichever is necessary as determined by the original placement of the marker.  In the event that the monument, marker, headstone or footstone is damaged or destroyed, in the process of repositioning, the city and its employees shall not be held liable.  Every reasonable effort shall be taken to provide proper and careful restoration of the marker, etc., to its original position.

Vases which are significantly damaged or destroyed by city crews will be placed by the city at city expense.  Replacement of vases damaged or destroyed by natural wear or elements shall be the responsibility of family members.  The city will not assume responsibility for vandalism.  Requests for vase replacement must be considered by a Cemetery Committee representative to determine responsibility.

Flowers, temporary memorials, or decorations may be placed on the grave site the 5:00 pm the Thursday prior to Memorial Day and may remain on the grave site for one week following Memorial Day.  The city will not assume responsibility for, or salvage of, any decorative items so placed.

No shrubs, bushes, trees or live growing plants may be planted at any place of time within the City Cemetery by any individual other than regular Cemetery maintenance personnel.

Flowers, plants or decorations may be placed at any time, provided they are placed in vases or receptacles, which are an integral part of the headstone, memorial, marker or footstone and do not inhibit the general maintenance of the Cemetery.
Adopted by the Winner City Council, July 16, 1990


If you have additional question please contact the Department at (605) 842-2606.

Is there a mowing schedule?

No, just when it is needed.

How much does it cost for a burial space?

$300 per space.

Can I purchase spaces in advance and where would I purchase the spaces?

Yes, at the City Finance Office.

What are the sizes of the lots?

There are six spaces to a lot.

Who do I call about information on people buried in the cemetery?

The city office (605) 842-2606. Records are kept in the City Finance Office.

If I own lots and don’t need them can I give or sell them?

Yes, but you should transfer your deed so the future owner does not have difficulty in proving ownership.

Who maintains the cemetery?

The city maintenance crew does all the trimming, mowing, spraying, planting, digging watering, etc.

How many items may I place at a grave site?

By the city ordinance you are allowed only 1 per grave site. Also the city is not responsible for them.

For other questions you may have please contact the Cemetery Department at (605) 842-2606.

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