Curt Haakinson
Electrical Superintendent


It is responsible for the trimming of trees, providing emergency service, and the construction of main feeder lines.

75% of Winner’s electricity comes from WAPA (Western Area Power Association). The remaining 25% comes from Missouri River Energy Services.


Curt Haakinson – Superintendent

Tyrell Bennett – Foreman/Journeyman

Open – Electrician/Load Management Technician

Tim McClung – Apprentice Journeyman

Braeden  Walton – Apprentice Journeyman 


I noticed I have some tree branches in the power lines, who do I call?
Call the electric department office at 842-2606 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Who do I notify if I have a streetlight or security light that is not working or is blinking on and off?
Call the City Office at 842-2606.

Who do I call about low power line?
Call the City Office at 842-2606.

I have a question about my electric bill, who do I call?
Call the City Office at 842-2606 and ask for the Utility Clerk in charge of Utility billing.

Who do I call about locating utility lines on my property?
Always call before digging to check for the location of electric, water, sewer or TV and phone lines. The number to call is 1-800-781-7474 or 811 which is SD One Call.

How close to power lines can I plant trees?
The recommended distance is a minimum of twelve feet away.

Who do I contact about installing a security light and what does it cost?
The city installs security lights at no charge if the pole and wire are there. If poles need to be set or wire run the charge is time and material including truck rental to do the work. These cost are available at the city finance office. The city provides the fixture, the electricity to operate the light and all repairs for a cots of $7.25/month. This is added to your monthly electric bill.

For After Hours Outages, please call 842-3324

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