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The City of Winner

City Council

The Winner City Council is made up of three Wards, with two representatives per ward. The City Council meets twice a month, on the first and third Mondays at 6:30pm. If a city-recognized holiday should fall on one of those Mondays, the council meeting will be held the next business day. The City Council meets in Chambers located at 325 S Monroe Street, which is also City Hall. Learn more about your councilmen and how to contact them below!

Ward 1

Justin Schuyler
1st Term 2023-2024


Option #9 Option #3



Ron Sprenkle
1st Term 2022-2024


Option #9 Option #2

Ward 2

Jeremy Clay
4th Term 2023-2025


Option #9 Option #5

Joe Hockett
1st Term 2022-2024


Option #9 Option #4

Ward 3

Brad Schramm
2nd Term 2023-2025


Option #9 Option #6


Austin Klundt
3rd Term 2022-2024


Option #9 Option #7

Mayor Jody Brozik


Option #9 Option #1

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Latest information from the City of Winner



These minutes are the un-official minutes. They are not approved until the next council meeting.

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